Our Vision

Whatever we do should be a major contribution to the society, and the Country should be proud of it.

** Build to Grow **

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Railway tracks are laid upon land owned or leased by the railway company. Owing to the desirability of maintaining modest grades,rail will often belaid in circuitous routes in hilly or mountainous terrain . Route length ad grade requirements can be reduced by use of alternating cuttings, bridges and tunnels  all of which can greatly increase the capital expenditures required to develop a right way ,while significantly reducing operating costs and allowing higher speeds on longer radius curves.In densely urbanized areas railways are sometimes laid in tunnels to minimize the effects on existing properties.
TSCPL has been on the fast track in the Indian transportation sector, by adopting environment-friendly procedures and technologies to modernize and maintain India’s most motor able roads. National Highways , State Highways, Railways, Bridges and  Others